Europe’s Best-kept Secret

With its moody forests, snow-covered mountains and blue lakes, Finland is overwhelming in its beauty. See the northern lights, travel through the snow on a Husky ride, or treat yourself to a hot sauna. Helsinki is a flight hub with over 200 international flights arriving daily, and a central link between Asia, Europe and North America. This makes Finland a perfect location for first-class international conferences and corporate events. 


The White Capital by the Sea

The Capital of Finland offers lots to see, do and experience for visitors of all ages. Bursting with exciting design and architecture and tantalizing gastronomy, Helsinki is perfect for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Helsinki can easily be reached from anywhere in the world and Helsinki Airport consistently ranks among the best airports in the world.


The Exotic Adventure

An urban oasis amidst the Arctic wilderness, where culture, adventure and fairytales come together. There are many reasons to love Rovaniemi – spellbinding nature and phenomena, Lappish traditions and culture, urban life and activities make the Official Hometown of Santa Claus a unique place to visit.

Åland island

Genuine Islander Lifestyle

Åland archipelago offers a spectacular way to experience nature by cycling, fishing, hiking or kayaking. Here, you can experience genuine islander lifestyle, strong maritime culture and great culinary experiences. The island has interesting sights, museums, medieval churches, lighthouses and excursion islands. Hop on a boat for a fishing trip, hike a nature trail or climb a lookout tower, or visit one of the galleries, cafés, restaurants and farm shops.
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