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by Jan 5, 2021

A B2B, advanced time-saving itinerary creation platform

Happy New Year to all! We are honored to start this year announcing that we are representing the fantastic online platform TripCreator. Some of you may be familiar with or recognise this software as 3 of our DMC partners (Green Inspirations, Cashel Travel & Agence Yes) are already working with it, or because you are already working with it. The results noted by our partners while using TripCreator are marvelous. Learning from the current customer base we can tell that users will experience:

  • 61% productivity growth
  • 33% increased conversions
  • 14x faster itinerary building

How does it save time?

  • You and/or your team will be faster in building travel proposals / quotes because 200 million static content items are already processed in the system. This unique benefit means you don’t have to create all modules from scratch. Of course you can add your own content, or fine-tune the existing content according to you and your customers needs.
  • You can drag and drop modules on the correct days and times. A module which you have previously saved, for example 2 nights in a certain destination with activities and restaurants, can be dragged and dropped on the correct day and time. 
  • The software also enables you to find a crystal clear dashboard to drive your projects and statistics to work efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, the system comes with a customer and supplier management system.

How does it increase conversion?

  • Proposals will be ready to send in minutes, they are dynamic, interactive and they look stand out.
  • You can send personalised proposals automatically from the system and they are fully measurable. You can see when, how often and by whom the proposals are opened. 
  • Share the itinerary on the rebrandable Mobile App, which also works offline. All the travel documents are in one place for the end customer.
  • TripCreator comes with a booking engine for end-customers. After sending itineraries and/or proposals they can book and pay very easily with the software. Just some clicks on the buttons to generate bookings. 
  • If your clients like receiving itineraries and/or proposals in other formats, you can export them in various formats. You can export them for example in PDF, Excel, Powerpoint and Word formats. 

Who is TripCreator designed for?

This efficient software is designed for travel professionals, travel agencies, tour operators, DMC’s, hotels, tour guides, coach companies, and more. In fact, TripCreator is for anyone who wants to create unforgettable travel experiences for their customers in an efficient, quick and beautiful way, all in one place. We believe that TripCreator is the perfect online travel platform for the future, because this one product can solve many problems that you challenge daily. 

To visualize the product you can find 2 examples from our DMC partners under here:

How much does it cost?

We did months of research to be able representing the best itinerary creation platform in tourism, and we believe we found them. When we discovered our DMC partners’ ROI with TripCreator and saw the results of their current customer base, we and our current customers were genuinely shocked by the small investment they are asking for. Therefore, we are proud to announce that we can guide you through the innovative platform and show you how it could change workflows positively. The investment is as little as $35.00 up to $70.00 per user which will be paid monthly using a credit card. Special offers are obviously available…

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