The Great Kansai Odyssey

by Nov 3, 2020

Chapter I – The Beginning

Once upon a time, in the country of the rising sun, in a troubled time with fading hope in a World sinking into the Covid-19 crisis and a light darkening at the end of the Business Event Industry in Japan and globally, a handful of partners and friends decided that this would not be the end, and that they would not give in to the virus, here starts the story from our partner,  The J Team, which is; The Great Tokyo Odyssey’s story.

Chapter II – The Great Kansai Odyssey

The Great Tokyo Odyssey was just the beginning… we would now be delighted if YOU could join us for Chapter II, which is; THE GREAT KANSAI ODYSSEY 2020.

Why are they organizing this?

At The J Team they are still very, very, very frustrated about not having enough events to run, and not being able to be on site with clients from other parts of this world.

That’s why they have decided not to be beaten by a microscopic invader. So, this autumn, they will organize an event of their own. The four main reasons for holding this event are:

  1. To raise money that we can distribute to two charitable organizations whose needs are greater than our own;
  2. To demonstrate an example of a live event in the “with Covid-19” world in Osaka & Kyoto;
  3. To remind our Business Events industry Event colleagues that “Destination Japan”, “Destination Kansai”, “Destination Osaka”, “Destination Kyoto” is ready as soon as borders are open to all, and airplanes are flying;
  4. To network and engage with our precious business partners through an even more meaningful platform than Zoom.

What and when is it exactly?

They are attempting to run/jog/walk a very carefully social-distanced 42km split between Osaka and Kyoto by relaying a virtual baton between participating Teams each responsible for around 2-3km. Through this we aim to raise 500,000 JPY and hopefully a lot more for charity. The collected money will be distributed to Food Bank Kansai and Sei Kazoku No Ie.

The event will take place on Friday 13th November 2020.

We are welcoming entries. If you would like to participate, please DM us.

Please login in to for the pre-event build-up, to get a preview of the route, to find out more about the beneficiaries & participants, and cheer us along on the day!

See under here the amazing video created by The J Team during Chapter I

Of course, while the business events industry is worried about its short and midterm future, it also continues to be socially responsible and remember that, as much as we may feel that sometimes we have little, we know that many others have less and may be in more difficulty than we are. This is the reason why and above all, we have wanted this event to be dedicated to charity and for which all participation fees would be donated to three associations carefully selected for what they represent and also for what they contribute to society and communities in these difficult times.

In figures so far, The Great Tokyo Odyssey 2020 represents:

  • 23 participating business events industry (hotels, transport, entertainment, guides, volunteers, DMOs)
  • 100 individual participants
  • 500,000 JPY donated to Second Harvest Japan, Nihon Hidankyo, Ainu Association
  • 120 items of promotional material (photographs & videos) posted on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social
  • Publication in industry press such as MIX, TCVB website, IMEX The Great Tokyo Odyssey 2020 also is:
  • The First Event Of Its Kind: A socially distanced gathering that proves events can be held responsibly in the “with Covid-19 world”. A case-study for event planners in Japan and worldwide. A vitrine to bring inbound business back to Japan.
  • An event that brings people together, revives industry passion and motivation in our hearts as one spirit.
  • People. The success of the event would not be possible without its participants who showed a beautiful spirit and passion for each of their legs during the race.

We are proud on our partner that they are organizing these events to raise money for good purposes. Besides this great work, they are a great DMC in Japan specialized in MICE and a great partner in the upcoming Olympic Games. In case you want to organize a trip to Japan we can highly recommend our parter The J Team.

I’m happy to introduce you to the international team.

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