French Guiana

The Amazing Amazonia

Explore the French Amazonian Forest, visit the ghosts of French Guiana’s past on the Salvation Islands, or stop by the National Center of Spatial study in Kourou, where – depending on the date – you might be able to witness an actual rocket launch. Meet the Native Americans who are the heirs of the souls of the forests and rivers, or go nighttime sailing to observe caimans and nocturnal wildlife: visiting French Guiana is one great adventure.

The French Amazonian Forest

The Pristine Primary Forest

The French Amazonian Forest will lead you from the jungle, through rivers and primary forest. It is rich in wildlife, which you can explore by simply walking a trail. You can sail through the forest during the night to observe caimans and nocturnal wildlife or fly over the canopy to spot any of the 667 bird species who live here.
The French Amazonian Forest
Salvation Islands & Devils Island

Salvation Islands & Devils Island

Ghosts from the past

Take a trip to the past on the Salvation Islands. These beautiful islands, lined with turquoise water, housed a prison between 1842 and 1953, made famous by the movie ‘Papillon’ with Steve McQueen. Visiting these islands is a unique experience, where you can explore the buildings of the old prison.

National Center of Spatial Study

Witness a rocket launch

Visiting the National Center of Spatial Study truly is a unique experience. You will be met with passionate and exciting guides, who will be happy to help you discover the spatial history and its next development. Depending on dates, you might even be able to witness a rocket launch!
National Center of Spatial Study
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