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Over the past 5000 years, the Islands of Malta have been occupied many times. These outside influences have contributed to an amazing variety in Malta’s architecture, the food and even the language. The islands Malta, Gozo & Comino offer an eclectic mix of 5000 year-old Temples, world-class 5* Hotels, over 365 beautiful Churches, rolling hills and deep valleys, all surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.


The Heart of the Mediterranean

The Island’s history is obvious when you walk through the ancient cities of Valletta and Mdina, when you marvel at the Ggantija temples and the underground Hypogeum or visit the spectacular cathedrals & museums. Besides its cultural richness, Malta also offers amazing Mediterranean food and crystal clear blue seas, which make Malta the ultimate holiday destination.
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Malta’s Sister Island

Gozo is an island defined by its tranquility. Half the size of Malta and accessible only by boat, time moves more slowly in this quiet haven. For its size (less than 100 kilometers squared), Gozo has a huge number of hidden treasures; from spectacular temples & cathedrals to secluded beaches & vineyards.
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