A smallish island with a memorable punch

From Europe’s largest green space to the longest defined coastal touring route in the world, Ireland is a country brimming with fun and fascinating ways to spend your days. Discover the right mountain to climb, a painting to pore over, a sports team to cheer on, or whatever else takes your fancy.


The City of Literature

Dublin has come a long way in the last 100 years. The music, art and literature has travelled the world and has made a big impact on millions of hearts and minds. The city is now a multi-cultural, creative hub. In 2010 Dublin was designated as a UNESCO City of Literature in recognition of its cultural profile and international standing as a city of literary excellence.
Trinity College, Dublin
Quay Street Galway


The City of Tribes

Wander through Galway’s beautiful cobblestoned streets and feel yourself stepping back into a Medieval Ireland. Known internationally for its friendly people, shopping, nightlife and charming streets, Galway will recharge your spirit like no other place. Explore the famous Galway Farmers Market in Church Lane, full of great Irish delicacies and soak up the wonderful atmosphere. Disconnect, enjoy and make memories in Galway.

Wild Atlantic Way

Embark on a journey of discovery in the west

A one-of-a-kind adventure and the road trip of a lifetime, the Wild Atlantic Way’s stunning 2,500km (Approx 1555 miles) stretch of coast offers all of this and more. Whether you want to dive into the invigorating sea swells, indulge in gastronomic gems or simply embrace those scenic vistas all at your own pace; this route encompasses nine counties and it never fails to create countless memories.
Skellig Ring, Kerry Coast, Co. Kerry - Wild Atlantic Way
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