Enter a world full of colours and tastes

Mexico is like a tropical dream: imagine walking down a small pathway, surrounded by the green leaves of the jungle. You feel the heat on your skin, the sun breaking through the palmtrees, you hear the colourful birds singing, monkeys are jumping from tree to tree and suddenly – a fresh breeze. You can taste the salty air, you hear the waves breaking. One more step and your feet touch the warm sand of the beach.


Paradise of Sustainability

Besides the mesmerising white sandy beaches, crystal clear water and its beautiful surrounding nature, Tulum is the hub of sustainability in Mexico. You can find many eco resorts, glamping hostels, vegan restaurants and locally manufactured clothing and art. The spirit of this little town is to distance itself from today’s technology and stress, which makes it the perfect place to relax.


Discover the real Mexico

Alebrijes – wooden fantasy handicrafts – are made and painted by hand. These fantasy animals represent the soul of the hard work the handicraft manufacturers take on their shoulders. Beautiful in variety and colours, they make a stunning decoration and a memory to be treasured.


The delightful scent of the Agave plant

Tequila….The town of Tequila! This is the birthplace of the well known drink Tequila and it is characterised by old haciendas and distilleries. The agave plantations create impressive blue coloured landscapes and the cooked agave plant makes the air smell sweet at night: that is the magic of Tequila.

Mayan Culture

The Mayans are the ancestors of Mexico. Astronomers, mathematicians, agronomists, philosophers, artists, architects, sculptors and warriors – the Mayans have a rich, complex and stunning heritage. Their accomplishments form the country as you know it today – the various canals they have built with their hands, the cultivation of chocolate, the construction of pyramids, the implementation of very accurate calendars and so much more.


From Tacos and Tamales to Mole, from coffee to Mezcal, seafood, beef, tostadas and tlayudas: Mexican cuisine has it all. There is a reason for its worldwide popularity: the complex and deep flavours of the Mexican cuisine, full of taste, flavours and variety will truly blow your mind!

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