Have stories to tell, not to show

If you want to offer your clients an unforgettable adventure and stand out from your competitors, take them on a self-drive trip to Namibia. Let them take the wheel on the road to excitement and create the experience of a lifetime. With the help of excellent desert guides your clients will explore areas free of human prints and marvel at the infinity of the sky and the vastness of the dunes.


The Great White Place

Etosha is one of the most abundant wildlife sanctuaries in Africa. It is hard to believe the national park is home to such a variety of animals and landscapes, knowing it is sitting on a huge salt pan. Etosha offers an immersive experience where you will feel a connection with the African animal kingdom and wake up your senses.

Etosha, Namibia

Sandwich Harbour

Mr Ocean and The Sand Ladies

Sandwich Harbour is where giant sand dunes meet the sea in a dramatic manner. The dunes look untouched as the waves and the wind cover the 4×4 tracks. The undeniable adventurous and exciting atmosphere will have you unleash your inner child. You might even find yourself rolling down the sand dunes!

Namib Desert

Namibia’s secret healing powers

The Namib desert is a picturesque canvas with beautiful contrast of blue, red and yellow. At MADLAB we believe in transformational experiences – we believe that travelling gives you new insights in life. The Namib desert is a place of peace and quiet, where the silence is loud and time stops ticking.

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