Back to Nature for Mountainbike and Inspirational Sessions

by Dec 1, 2020

Last month we went to The Veluwe with the Travelmediate campervan. This National Park is voted as the finest area of scenic beauty in our little country. For everyone who didn’t visit Veluwe National Park yet, we believe it’s a must when visiting The Netherlands. This is the place where heathlands meet forests and where sand dunes meet the Dutch big 5. This Nature Reserve is absolutely stunning and it’s only an hour drive from Amsterdam.

But why did we go Back to Nature?

First of all, to boost our fitness level by cycling sensational mountainbike trails. Secondly, to absorb nature and relax a bit too. Third, create space for new developments and ideas. Let me take you on our Back to Nature campervan journey full with mountainbike tips!

Why mountainbiking?

Because mountainbiking is absolute walhalla for us! The feeling we have the moment we step on the mountainbike and click our shoes, is very comfortable. Full focus appears directly in our minds and our bodies start to work naturally. Without getting tired (the first half an hour;P) we blast over the hills and through the technical single tracks. Finally, cycling mountainbike trails in The Veluwe feels absolutely remote and in the middle of the various and gorgeous nature. We love that!

Which mountainbike do you use? 

Raymon has a great mountainbike himself (Trek 8500), me on the other hand needed to rent one. Tip nr 1: go to Essie Tweewielers in Hoenderloo. He rents out really well working 26 inch mountainbikes half the price of the competition, namely €13,50 per day including a helmet. Why is Essie cheaper? Because the competition rents out 29 inch mountainbikes. What is the difference between 26 or 29 inch mountainbikes? It’s the size of the wheels that makes the difference, and that difference results in the following:

26 inch mountainbike


  • More agile
  • Faster acceleration


  • Less grip, less grip when cornering and climbing
  • Lower top speed 

The pros and the cons of the 29 inch mountainbike are, well… exactly the opposite as above 🙂 So tip nr 2: take the 29 inch when you cycle a track which is not too sinuous and technical and you need more long distance speed. Take the 26 inch when the track is technical and sinuous, which in this case was the case.

Which trails did you cycle?

We cycled the renewed MTB-route Veluwezoom (webpage in Dutch) which is (tip nr 3) highly recommended for everyone who loves to mountainbike in nature! This track in Veluwezoom National Park provides you tough climbs, sharp turns and good single tracks through forests and heathlands. The total distance of the route (including the red MTB-symbol bonus tracks) is 58 kilometers. The main trail (green) is 45 kilometers. If you are super fit you can extend the trail by combining the green with the black trail, which goes North in the direction of Apeldoorn. Every morning we cycled 1 mountainbike trail of ±40 – 45 kilometers, combining some trails. See under here some shots of the results 🙂

Inspirational sessions

Everyday, we started with a walk through the magical forest to clear the minds and create space for new ideas. Afterwards we had a good breakfast and started with the biking sessions. When back, we pampered ourselves with an amazing lunch before we started working. In the campervan and in the forests we brainstormed about new ideas and developments and have some of those worked out. Some topics we are working on are:

  • New marketing strategies
  • New FAM trips 
  • New software to represent 
  • Many more

To give you a look in the kitchen (behind the scenes), the new software that we are going to represent is TripCreator! An advanced and magnificent time-saving itinerary creation platform which will averagely results in:

  • 61% productivity growth, 
  • 33% increased conversions
  • 14x faster itinerary building

If you want to know more about TripCreator please let us know here 🙂

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